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Terms of Service
  • By commissioning and paying the artist, the client agrees to these terms.
  • The artist has a right to refuse commissions, that she does not wish to do. (I don't do e.g. furry, NSFW or discriminative art.)
  • The commissions will be created in the order in which they are received.
  • To agree upon a schedule, the client must inform the artist if the artwork is needed by a certain deadline.
  • Payment is made either in full before the artist begins working on the commission or 50 % before beginning and the other 50% + any shipping costs when the artwork has been completed. Under 100€ commissions must be paid in full beforehand.
  • The artist will send invoices via email and will need the client's contact information for this purpose (full name, email address, mailing address). If necessary, PayPal or wire transfer (if in Finland) can also be discussed.
  • The client will receive the artwork from the artist only after the client has paid the agreed price in full.
  • If the client cancels their commission order after the artist has begun working on it, the artist keeps the first 50% of the agreed price as compensation for the work. If the client cancels their commission order after the work has been completed, the artist keeps the full agreed price as compensation for the work.
  • If, for reasons beyond the control of the client, the artist does not complete the work by the agreed deadline, the client may cancel the order and will receive a refund from the artist.
  • The artist will share pictures of the artwork during the creation process so that the client may request changes if they wish. The price includes two reworks of the sketch. After the client has approved the sketch, big changes like different poses and composition can no longer be requested. In the later stages the client may request three small changes for no extra charge, regarding e.g. color or details. 
  • The artist keeps all copyrights to the artwork and may freely use it, for example, in her marketing and portfolio. The client may share pictures of the work for their personal use but the name of the artist must always be mentioned.
  • If the client commissions art for some other purpose than personal use, the rights must always be discussed separately.
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